Hiscall Support Agreement (HSA)

Hiscall Support Agreement

The Hiscall Support Agreement provides Hiscall customers with the peace of mind that comes with a managed-cost approach to supporting and maintaining every element of their communications system.

Among the Hiscall Support Agreement benefits, customers realize direct savings by avoiding parts, labor, help-desk, and service trip charges. They also enjoy priority dispatch status should an issue arise.

The Hiscall Support Agreement policies formalize the company's commitment to delivering excellence in customer service and setting the highest standards for satisfaction. Our simple plan provides you with an easy-to-understand document. The contract is a relationship based on our commitment to excellence and always doing what is right for the customer.

Benefits of HSA include:

  • Free parts & labor for items covered under Warranty & HSA are insured against unplanned expenses. 
  • No charge for the first 30 minutes of help desk and remote support. 
  • Preventive maintenance visits to help keep your system in top shape and prevent disruptive out-of-service calls. 
  • Local access to more than 1 million dollars of inventory available for same-day quick response. 
  • Support of legacy equipment—If we don’t have it or can’t get it, we will replace it with a compatible component. 
  • No long-term commitment


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Hiscall Support Agreement