Point to Point Wireless

Point-to-Point wireless delivers highly-reliable, cost-effective, high-capacity wireless solutions.

Point-to-Point provides a superior alternative to fiber-based solutions providing high performance, lower costs, and ease of operation.

In Point-to-Point systems, all parts of the wireless network connect through an invisible bridge so that the radial distance between these devices is in line with each other. The antennas need to be in locations where they deliver a seamless connection. The frequency, radial distance, and other networking components of these devices must also match for the system to work correctly.

The connection in a Point-to-Point Wi-Fi network requires no cables.

The antennas communicate through connection points, and they must have a seamless radial alignment. The transmitting waves connect the devices and build an invisible connection that offers an uninterrupted connection. 

With a point-to-point network, you never have to worry about privacy. The information transmitted between the connection points will remain between those using the same connection. No one other than those connected to the wireless network will be able to access private information. Therefore, PtP guarantees a high level of security.

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